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— Oscar Wilde.

Welcome to my School Post Page. One of the requirements of my distance learning program is to regularly post articles, assignments and projects here for review by peers and teachers. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.

History-4, Post 3

How do new building tools impact architecture (building size and shape)?

If we look at this week’s example of the crane, new building technology has three impacts.

First, we can build bigger and more complex structures. An example would be the Greek Parthenon. The column pieces and roof could not be lifted or placed by hand.

Second, tools allow more work to be done per person. A block of stone or big log that would take many men to lift can be moved by only one or two men and a crane.

Lastly, building becomes less expensive. Even if you pay more to a few skilled crane workers, it would cost less then food, housing, and extras for fifty men lifting by hand.

Without the crane, the building work in Austin, TX done in one year would probably take more than ten years and cost way more money.

English-4, Essay 2


English Week 2 Summary

By: Elizabeth Allhands

Summer play

Last summer I had a lot of fun performing in Pinocchio at the Gorge Town Theater. It was a BLAST! When I was there I got to see a lot of friends and got to make new ones. The audition was easy and fun. Some people were nervous and that is understandable. The next day when we found out our parts I got Pinocchio! We practiced every day but for only two weeks. Once the show day hit we were ready to go. Some people were very nervous, but at showtime we all did fantastic! I cant wait for next year to come so we can do it all again!

History-4, post 2

From what I have learned, new military inventions make wars shorter than you would expect. If one side of the war invents a gun in the middle of the war instead of using a sword, that side will have an advantage. Their enemy will have a tougher time and will lose fast. In an example like from world war two, the USA found a new invention called the nuclear bomb. And we used it as a weapon and dropped it over two cities in Japan called Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear bomb wiped out every thing and everyone. Then after that Japan surrendered and we won without losing millions of people to a land war. With no bomb, the USA would have invaded. That would take a long time and many dead.

Science 4 Essay 1

Lesson 1- Insects



By: Elizabeth Allhands

Today I will be writing about Insects and their body parts when adults.

In an adult stage of a insect they will have three body sections called the head, thorax and abdomen. They will have three pairs of legs (six legs in all). Most insects will normally have one set of antennas(two total). They will also have two eyes, two sets of wings (four in total) and a mouth-part. All insects adapt to the environment. An insect will have an exoskeleton, its outer skeleton. Us humans have an inner skeleton not outer. The outer skeleton of an insect will protect the insect from physical injuries. The outer skeleton allows blending of colors size and shape of the insect to make it so interesting.

As we know, the “head contains the eyes, antenna and mouth-parts. Insects mouth part looks like a tweezers, or sometimes a tube. Mosquito s and fleas mouths look like a needle with a hollow inside so the insect can drink blood. The needle is for getting past flesh. Caterpillars and Beatles have chewing mouth parts to eat leafs from trees and grass.

The thorax is the middle part of the insect. The thorax contains, the wings to fly with and the feet, or should I say the legs.

Last but not least is the abdomen, that is the bottom or rear section of the insect. The abdomen contains digestive reproductive organs internally, and often a reproductive structure. Both sides of Mrs. Thorax and Mr. Abdomen are lined up with a tiny opening called spirals, through which a insect obtains oxygen. I really liked learning about insects today!

History-4, Post 1


History Essay Week 1

By: Elizabeth Allhands

The reason why someone would be pessimistic about a cyclical view of time is because, nothing interesting would happen in there life. It would just repeat over and over again and all it would do is get boring and tiring. Then it would just get into a routine. Monday, go to school come home eat go to bed. Tuesday, go to school come home eat go to bed. Wednesday, go to school see what I mean! If I believed in a cyclical view I wouldn’t see much fun and it would probably, be hard for me to have fun too.

If I could know the future that would help my life so much. The reason why it would help me a lot is if I do a bad thing in the future when I get to that time, I could change it so it would never happen. Or if I got hurt because of a stupid choice I made ,I can fix it so I wont get hurt. And when I die in the future I will know what I want to do before I die. If I could I would tell my family so they know what they want to do for there life. And then we could all have a great life to live!

I think knowing about the world can increase my knowledge a lot. Like how recycling can do so for us but then again it waist so much energy. And leaving trash in the wild on purpose, can kill so much stuff that we need to live and survive on. In fact one of my friends told me that one year a long time ago there was a bad pollution in an ocean. There was oil from ships and plastic. Over 2 or 3 million fish were killed out of 5 million , but after that we re-covered and got 4 million fish back and I hope we never do that again!. If we all think of what the world needs and not about video games we might never have a problem like that again.!

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